My Cosmos – A voyage to empower yourself

 "My Cosmos" is a journey to understand the reasons behind your struggles, learn how to overcome them, and increase your potential. You will impersonate a psychologist and help your patients overcome their own difficulties. Everything you’ll learn while assisting them you will also apply in your own life to unlock the levels of the path!

Welcome to a new reality where the real world and the digital one blend together!

Register, complete a short questionnaire to assess the most suitable path for you, and begin your new personal adventure. If you're already registered, simply log in and continue your journey (All tests and techniques employed are all Evidence-Based Medicine).

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The journey

"You will enter a world filled with levels, scores, and rewards. You can choose your avatar and win accessories to personalize it. What you do in the digital world won't be enough. You'll need to engage in challenges presented to you in the real world, such as going for walks or treasure hunts using augmented reality. Take the test and get started!"


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Gamification is the act of thinking, designing, and incorporating game mechanics, dynamics, and elements into everyday systems or processes with the goal of addressing concrete problems or, simultaneously, motivating specific groups of users.
Zichermann & Cunningham, 2011
"I sought help because I constantly felt anxious, under pressure, and had lost the pleasure in doing things. My Cosmos helped me realize that my life was completely imbalanced towards work, and I no longer had time for myself. The path selected for me taught me how to manage anxiety and reorganize my routine. I am feeling much better now."
Ludovica Rossi
"I want to thank my counselor. They were an important figure during the journey. They provided the support I needed in the moments when I thought about giving up."
Leonardo Bianchi

Our paths


Benefit of our Journey

 Practical and Evidence-Based approach

The quiz sections are interactive, with multiple-choice and true/false options.


  Interactive and Gamified Paths

The course content is engaging and in a visual/audio format for easy and quick comprehension.


  24/7 Accessibility

The training course is available 24/7 and can be completed anywhere and at any time, on any device.


Our team

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Chi Siamo

We are a group of research and clinicians dedicated to promoting mental well-being for many years. 
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